Online Yoga Classes

group lessons

350 TL / 900 TL

monthly - 8 Lessons / 3 Months
  • Tuesday - Thursday 20:30
  • Zoom Live Broadcast
  • Limited Participant
  • Yoga Flows for All Levels
private lessons

1.000 TL / 1.200 TL

  • 2 Days / 3 Days a Week
  • Private Lesson Day and Time
  • Zoom or Skype One-to-One Lesson
  • Personalized Yoga Program
  • Special Daily Yoga Flows In Addition To Classes
  • Optional Special Asana Studies
  • Fast and Effective Development

About Courses

Group Lessons

Live broadcasting takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:30 via the "zoom" application.

You can start your monthly subscription at any time. You can attend classes with final registration. (Detailed information about final registration can be found in the question and answer section below.)

Zoom ID and Passcode will be shared with you as soon as the final registration is made, and you can participate in the live broadcast with this information during the course time.

Lessons are conducted with mutual interaction. Quotas are limited in order to ensure that the lessons are qualified and efficient.

Group lessons are held for all levels.

In group lessons, lesson delay cannot be made in order not to affect the course of the group.

Private Lessons

Personal lesson days and hours are set.

Courses are taught on Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp, depending on the person's request.

A completely personalized program is prepared and applied. Since a program will be created for the person's body and mind structure, development will be faster and more effective.

Optional special asana (pose) exercises are included.

Thanks to one-to-one interactive lessons, instant feedback and corrections are provided.

A "daily supportive yoga program", which is updated depending on the student's development and can be performed even on days without lessons, is prepared and delivered online.

If the student is unable to attend the class on the specified days and hours, the day can be changed if he notifies him 1 day in advance.

For Registration and Questions

In order not to take any risks during the pandemic process, my lessons continue online via “zoom”.

You can switch at any time. If you switch to private lessons, you can use as much as the remaining lessons in group lessons as a discount on your private tuition fee.

For private lessons, if you want a program with more than 3 lessons per week, we can choose a program according to your request. The total program fee can be calculated as 100 TL per course.

For group lessons, no flexibility can be made during the course hours of the group you are attending. It goes on a regular schedule every week.

In private lessons, a transfer to another day can be made within the duration of the program, if notified at least 1 day before to postpone the lesson. Class days cannot be postponed.

It continues in accordance with the schedule in group lessons.

In private lessons, lessons planned for make-up can be taken at a suitable time during the program.

Final registration starts with the payment of the program fee.

In private lessons, the day and time are determined with final registration and a personalized program is prepared after the first lesson.

In group lessons, quotas are allocated within a limited number of participants. In case the quota is full, priority is given to those who have made a final registration.

Payments for enrollment in programs are made monthly.

For your renewal and cancellation requests, you can contact me before the program ends and notify your participation in the program for the next month.